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Ocean acidification raises economic concerns for shellfish hatcheries. Marketplace, National Public Radio. 5 July 2022.

Innovative fish farms aim to feed the planet, save jobs and clean up an industry’s dirty reputation. Scientific American 326(5):44-57.

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NOAA Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative awards $1.6M to advance sustainable aquaculture in Maine. Maine Sea Grant, September 2019.

The question of ocean acidification. The Fishermen's Voice 24(8), August 2019.

Warming waters: How does climate change affect the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and people? Maine Calling, Maine Public. July 2019.

Gulf oyster farmers meet to discuss the threat of ocean acidification to their businesses. The Ocean Conservancy, February 2019.

Mook Sea Farm builds resilience in changing waters with science and solar power. Revision Energy Customer Profile, December 2018.

Oyster researcher speaks on aquaculture present and future. The Free Press, October 2018.

Scientist to share an ecological perspective on aquaculture science at Darling Marine Center. Wiscasset Newspaper, October 2018

Experts pitch oyster aquaculture in Brunswick, but avoid discussion of proposed 40-acre lease. The Times Record, September 2018

Coalition unveils blueprint for Maine's energy future. Mainebiz, September 2018

Midcoast oyster farm plans major expansion. The Bangor Daily News, September 2018

Proposal for 40-acre oyster farm in Maquoit Bay draws opposition in Brunswick. The Portland Press Herald, September 2018

Chance meeting at Harpswell tidepool set Meredith White on a career path. The Portland Press Herald, August 2018

Oysters: Digging into Maine's very edible coastlines. Edible Maine, June 2018

Workshop focuses on messages about coastal ocean acidification. Connecticut Sea Grant, April 2018

Maine Technology Institute awards over $1.7 million in grants for marine projects. The Portland Press Herald, December 2017

Oyster lovers lend palates to scientific taste test. The Lincoln County News, January 2017

Ocean acidification panel calls for action to address threat. The Boothbay Register, March 2015


Lobsterman lawmaker wants $3 million Maine bond to fight ocean acidity. The Bangor Daily News, February 2015 

Study committee calls for Maine to act on ocean acidification.  The Portland Press Herald, December 2014


White '06 named to Ocean Acidification Study Commission.  Lafayette Alumni Community, August 2014

Bigelow Laboratory scientist appointed to Ocean Acidification Study Commission.  The Boothbay Register, June 2014

Bill calls for Maine panel to study acid in Gulf.  The Portland Press Herald, January 2014


Scallops under threat.  Bowdoin Daily Sun, October 2013


Sassy scallops: How will shellfish fare as ocean conditions shift?  Oceanus Magazine 50(2): 68-69, October 2013



What does ocean acidification mean for our coasts?  The Blog Aquatic, Ocean Conservancy, August 2013


How to write a testimony. The Story Collider (Stories About Science) Podcast, September 2014

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